Nosework Classes

Intro to Nosework

Training your dog when to use his nose is also helpful for teaching your dog when it is NOT the time to use his nose. Useful for teaching focus and attention for general obedience & other sports. The three scents used in this sport are Birch, Anise, and Clove. Dogs will be introduced to Birch in this class. The scents are hidden in boxes, the boxes are set out in a ‘pattern’ and the dog learns to alert the handler when each scent is detected. The dog will be introduced to container searches, indoor searches, outdoor searches and vehicle searches.

Advanced Nosework

Dogs will be introduced to Anise in this class and will increase the difficulty of container, indoor, outdoor and vehicle searches.

Nosework on the Road

Dogs have been introduced to multiple scents.  They are working on indicating those scents in different locations.  Container, indoor, outdoor and vehicle searches are conducted.