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Until Such Time Sanctuary

Until Such Time is a nonprofit animal sanctuary operated by Jill Wallace, the owner of Das Hund Haus. Until Such Time’s goal is to meet the needs of rescued dogs who need to be re-homed and help others from having to give up their furry friends. Our job is to facilitate care, training, and a place to stay for the pups before they find their forever home. Until such time, we will be their home.

Please visit Until Such Time Sanctuary to see how you can help give these dogs the home they deserve.

Until Such Time Sanctuary Logo
Great place for dogs to have fun! – Debbie T.
Changing the Canine Community
Mon – Fri Sat Sun
7a – 7p 8a – 10a 4p – 7p
Location 3210 Reynolds Road
Lakeland, FL 33803
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