Agility is a wonderful activity and sport for those looking to get their pet more exercise, build confidence and coordination, and improve your relationship. Truly about teamwork, agility provides a challenge for both dog and handler alike. 

Beginning Agility

For new agility dogs

You and your dog will be introduced to the agility equipment in a positive and fun manner - with safety our highest priority. We'll begin slow and low - building upon each success, with lots of positive reinforcement for trying new things. Designed with young, growing bones and joints in mind. Everything is low-impact as we build up the pups confidence, coordination, and ability to focus. 

Intermediate Agility

Prerequisite:  Beginner Agility or Instructor Approval

You've both gained confidence and some control on the equipment running short sequences, and your off-leash skills are coming along. You're ready to get down to learning the Handling Skills that will be required for those more difficult courses.  You will continue to improve your communication system and teamwork in order to handle those more challenging sequences. Some students by this point will choose to give trialing a try - while others will be content competing only with themselves and having fun with their dog - both types of students are welcome.

Advanced Agility

Prerequisite:  Intermediate Agility or Instructor Approval

You're past the basics, you have the skills. You and your dog are working as a team.  You're ready to add finesse to your performance and all the skills you two have developed together up until now.