Our dogs love us unconditionally.  They will sit and wait until we return, no matter how long we are away.  So, don't they deserve the same unconditional love from us? 

Instead of leaving your dog home alone all day, take them to Das Hund Haus where they will be able to run and play.  They will be able to burn off excess energy so that when you return, they are able to focus all of their thoughts on you.

Das Hund Haus is an upscale facility where owners can leave their pets while at work.  

It offers a fun atmosphere for dogs to exercise while their owners are at work so that they are tired in the evening when everyone is home.  A tired dog makes for a happy family.  

The fee for daycare is $20 per day, $75 for 5 days or $200 for 20 days.

Day train is Day Care combined with Training - We will work on specific behaviors based on your request $150.00 per week.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.