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Group Classes

Group Levels Training 

Welcome to a completely new and innovative approach to group training for you and your canine buddy!  

In the past, group training courses were taught in a group environment with a predetermined course outline to be completed in a set number of weeks.  This approach gave little thought to the fact that dogs and their handlers learn at individual paces and require different approaches to learning based on personality and learning curves/styles.  In this typical training setting, we found that dogs who excelled at certain skills/tasks quickly became bored while waiting for others to catch up and dogs/handlers who needed a little more time became frustrated or disappointed with their progress and often gave up prematurely.  So, we created Levels Training, and here's how it works!!

With Levels Training, you can get the training and support that you need to succeed with your dog at the pace that is best suited to you.  Training classes are held each week and when you and your furry friend are able to successfully complete the criteria needed to advance, you go to the next level.  Some teams may spend several weeks learning and practicing the skills needed to advance and some dogs might advance more quickly to the next level.  If you miss a week, you won't fall behind and if you would like to train more than once a week as you advance through the Levels, that's okay too! Training time is spent learning and practicing these skills.  

New dogs are welcomed into the training program on a regular basis, so there is no more waiting for weeks for a new class to start.  The starting level for you and your dog depends on their age at the start of training and what training they may already have.  Dogs who are 16 weeks of age and under when they start the Levels Training course, must start at the Puppy Level.  Dogs who are over 16 weeks at the start of training will start at Level 1 or test into another level.

Manners classes have been set and begin the week of February 1st. There will be a limited number of spots in each class to provide more individualized instruction and to provide better social distancing.  We will compensate for the smaller class size by adding additional classes.  Classes still in the works are puppy training, tricks, agility, rally, fundamentals, etc.  Watch your email and the website as new classes will be added regularly.

We are utilizing an app to manage class participants. The DHH Dog Training app is now available from Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices.

New Clients: Register your pup for Group Classes using the Reservations link at the top of the page. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent that will include a link to get signed up on the DHH Dog Training app where you can purchase your class punch card. Punch cards are $125 for 5 punches and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. You can view our class schedule and book your class in the app, or here on our website training page.

Existing Clients: Check your email for the link to get signed up on the DHH Dog Training app where you can purchase your class punch card. You can then sign up for the class you want either from the app or here on our website training page.

Please contact us if you have any difficulty getting set up for a class.

Course Outlines for Our Inaugural Levels Classes

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