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Group Classes

Currently, most classes will have a minimum of 3 participants for the class to be held. Students are required to pre-register and pre-pay to hold your spot. All classes, with an exception of Nosework on the Road and Manners in the City, are held indoors in our climate-controlled space. Class schedule is subject to change depending on demand and trainer availability.

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We work with all breeds starting as early as puppies. The earlier a dog begins familiarizing with the sights, sounds, and activities of the human world, the easier the dog is to work with throughout its lifetime. Without proper training and socializing, more puppies lose their homes to shelters and rescues before their first birthdays.

Behind the Basics: Training Foundation Class

Cost: $150 / 5 week class
Prerequisite: None, Puppies must have at least their 2nd set of puppy vaccinations, including a Bordetella vaccination.

This class is great for owners who want to understand how to start their puppies or new dogs off on the right foot. In this class, you'll learn skills to teach your dog to be a well-adjusted, mild-mannered, member of your household. Our instructor will cover the importance of crate training, impulse control, how to build engagement, acceptance of handling by strangers, muzzle conditioning, confidence building, and more! Please note: this class does not focus on teaching specific behaviors (sit, down, etc), but more so works to set up you and your dog for a lifetime of success together.

Manners 101 Classes

Cost: $150 / 5 week class
Prerequisite: None

Learn how to teach your dog skills like sit, down, come, and stay as well as walking nicely on a leash.

Manners 102 Classes

Cost: $150 / 5 week class
Prerequisite: Manners 101 or equivalent

Reinforce skills your pet learned in Manners 101 as well as learning new skills like standing on command, walking backwards, and putting their paws on objects.

Advanced Heel Work

Cost: $25 / drop-in class
Prerequisite: Manners 102 or equivalent

This obedience class takes everything you’ve learned from Manners classes and elevates it to a more precise form of heeling. Whether you plan to compete in Obedience or just want something more to teach your dog, this class is the next step toward having a true partner!

Jumping & Retrieving

Cost: $25 / drop-in class
Prerequisite: Manners 102 or equivalent

Learn skills like retrievals, jump differentiation, and signal commands to help you advance in the Obedience world.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Cost: $150 / 5 week class
Prerequisite: Manners 102 or equivalent

You and your dog will learn everything needed to be able to pass the AKC's CGC test. During the class you’ll practice walking next to other dogs, ignoring distractions, and meeting strangers. You’ll feel confident while going out for walks in public with your best friend. Testing is optional, but with these skills, your pup will be able to earn the AKC title of CGC.

Manners in the City

Cost: $30 / drop-in class
Prerequisite: Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or equivalent

We'll go out to parks, lakes, and stores to make sure you're confident going out and about with your pet. We'll also reinforce skills such as recalls with distractions, stays, and walking past people or dogs.

Service Dog Skills

Cost: $100 / session. Set up as one-on-one private lessons
Prerequisite: Basic Obedience and CGC

Our Service Dog trainers can help you learn how to train your dog to do the tasks you need. They’ll help you and your dog become the best team you can be! For those new to class, you are required to provide a prescription from your doctor stating that a service dog would help mitigate your health issue.


Cost: $20 / drop-in class

You and your show dog learn together how to get the most out of your presentation before the judge. Regardless of what breed you have, the skills for showing the best side of your dog, and building the handlers confidence, grace, and poise in the show ring are the same.

Intro to Rally Signs

Cost: $150 / 5 week class
Prerequisite: Manners 101 or equivalent

Rally is a fun obedience that lets you have fun with your dog while following a course of signs. In this class, you'll learn the different signs used and skills needed such as figure 8s, fronts, and turns. Our instructor will teach you how to successfully navigate and complete different courses while still making everything fun for you and your pet.

Rally Course Practice

Cost: $20 / drop-in class
Prerequisite: Intro to Rally Signs

A fun, thinking sport for any age dog and handler! Rally encourages lots of positive interaction and praise for your dog. Moving together, you and your dog have fun negotiating the course layouts designed by the rally judge, while also building useful obedience skills. All done in a fun, social atmosphere! A recommended class for teaching obedience in a format that avoids the drilling of 'standard' obedience classes.  As a sport, it also adds the option as a competitive outlet with titles and recognition! The class will teach the skills needed for the AKC, UKC and ASCA Rally titles.

Tricks Class

Cost: $25.00 / drop-in class
Prerequisite: Basic Obedience

In this class, your dog will learn a broad spectrum of tricks, from helping out around the house to a favorite party trick. This class is for any dog owner who wants a closer connection with your dog with some fun!

Intro to Nose Work

Cost: $150 / 5 week class
Prerequisite: Manners 101 or equivalent

Being more of a mental activity than a physical activity, Nose Work teaches your dog to recognize different scents like Basil, Anise, and Clove and alerting to them. You’ll learn how to teach the dog the scents by using food and hiding them in boxes. Dogs will quickly learn how to play this fun thinking game. In advanced classes, you learn to teach more than one scent and the dog searches for scents in a variety of ways: whether it’s on a wall, in luggage, or under a chair. If you want a fun game that’s slower paced, then this might be for you!

Nose Work Run Through

Cost: $25 / drop-in class
Prerequisite: Intro to Nose Work or equivalent

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